Saturday, February 4, 2017


Government exists only by the consent of the governed.

At the intersection of racism and climate change is air pollution.
"...several forms of domination intersect – we know, for instance, that the most affected by air pollution are often people of colour, living in popular neighborhoods and more generally, there is rising evidence of environmental racism (an issue that Black Lives Matter has contributed to raise within the climate movement)."

We tend to lean on a passive approach of solidarity by depending marching to build a movement.

"Muslim leaders gathered in Istanbul adopted a declaration on climate change that went further than Laudate Si – e.g. explicitly calling for divestment. Yet we have done little about it. It’s time to fill the gap! This will have an impact on both our divestment campaign and on our capacity to be more efficient when it comes to building solidarity."


Withdrawing Cooperation

Building Genuine Solidarity

In the words of Hoda Baraka
“Climate change knows no boundaries and neither will we”.

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