Saturday, February 18, 2017

Constitutional Crisis

On November 8, 2016, with the election of Donald Trump as President, followed by the formal confirmation by the Electoral College and the inauguration, the United States of America entered into a Constitutional Crisis Era.

Prior to November 8, many variables and significant uncertainty contributed to the confusion over why and how Donald Trump might win the election. The polls showed he was not going to win the popular vote.  On November 8, 73.6 million people voted for someone else, while 63 million voted for Trump.  He lost the popular vote by 10.6 million.

The tipping point was when a foreign government exploited a weakness in America’s election system so that a minority of states, and a minority of voters within three states, determined the outcome of an election for President in the Electoral College.

The Constitution and our laws were designed to create a system that would protect against an authoritarian President.  However, the Russian government was able to organize at least 1,000 people in their months long propaganda campaign to not allow Hillary Clinton to become President.  At the same time, they were able to elect a man who’s very existence as a successful businessman depends on the investments approved by the highest levels of the Russian government.

The justification and methods to remove a President from office have worked successfully in the past so that America slowly worked our way through a crisis period.  In 2017, America has a Constitutional Crisis because we have no clear way to resolve our current dilemma.

With the Republican Party controlling the House and Senate, and the office of the President, plus the House of Representatives inexperience and unwillingness to impeach a Republican President, Trump will be able to continue as President.  The majority of voters in America recognize this as a crisis situation, and we are anxious, nervous and afraid of the consequences of inaction by the Republican controlled House.

The dilemma of inaction feels like watching in slow motion as an airplane full of people spirals slowly down toward the ground and never crashes.  We are living a nightmare.

Why and how do the people remove a POTUS when the House of Representatives will not act?  How do the people modify the Constitution and our laws to prevent a foreign government from ever again exploiting the Electoral College, while the Republican Party is obstructing every attempt to have an ethical and moral government.

You and your elected colleagues need to raise your voices and call this situation a Constitutional Crisis.  We need to find a way to remove the President and his appointed officials from office as soon as possible.  Otherwise Russia will expand their economic, political and military control over Europe and Asia, without resistance from America due to inaction by POTUS and the Republican Party controlling the House of Representatives.  People without affordable health care will die.  People will experience the consequences of climate change caused by CO2 pollution of the atmosphere.

We have a Constitutional Crisis defined by one Party controlling all the positions of power, and a President who’s family business success is controlled by a foreign government that is clearly America’s enemy.  Russia threatens Europe by cutting off natural gas deliveries, raising prices, interfering in elections, invading Crimea, starting a proxy war in Ukraine, and probing America with a spy ship, a cruse missile launch and close encounters between military planes.

Evidence exists to show that Republicans have significant contributions from the healthcare and fossil fuel industries.  The repeal of the ACA and EPA are their top priorities to benefit those industries.  Again, we have a Constitutional Crisis with Republicans in control and making decisions to benefit a few rich people. There is no clear way to resolve the power of money to influence political decisions.

Why and how is the Democratic Party going to transcend this Constitutional Crisis?  There does not appear to be a third way for America to successfully remove an illegitimate administration, and corrupt politicians from control of the federal government.  The FBI and CIA are investigating Trump’s ties to Russia.  But will the Republicans take action based on evidence or ideology?

You must work hard to develop a strategy that uses non-violent methods (198 listed by Gene Sharp at ) to create a movement of movements, to get #TheResistance to form an alliance.  All the tribes, clans, clubs, chapters and huddles must be aligned with one purpose in order to overthrow the minority now in control of the federal government through illegitimate means:  interference of a foreign government and corrupt politicians doing what corporations want.

We have a Constitutional Crisis unlike any crisis in America’s history. The resolution of this crisis will change America forever.  The crisis climax will surprise everyone, except those of you with the foresight to stretch your minds across time and space for the truth.

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