Sunday, September 30, 2012

Guardian and Commercial Systems

Tim Gieseke "Apportioning Ecological Values and Costs through Symbiotic Demand."

From Gieseke's presentation, "The fundamentals of symbiotic demand 1) agriculture producer's respond to policies and market signals......"

The symbiotic relationship between Guardian and Commercial systems is played out in exacting detail. The Guardian elements are in the form of state legislature, state agriculture dept., board of soil and water resources, at the federal level the USDA, and who knows how many other elements of government. The Guardian elements determine the public policy using laws, rules and regulations. The Commercial elements are the owners of the dairy farms and the market they sell into.

This is a great example of the symbiotic relationship between Guardian and Commerce systems. The "symbiotic demand" is defined perfectly by Gieseke. The Guardian intervenes in the Commercial system by creating demand for sustainable products that benefits the Commercial system elements so that they can profit and increase wealth.