Thursday, November 20, 2014

Immigration Obama Style

Republicans are afraid Democrats will rally the several million immigrants given a reprieve from deportation to raise their voices politically.  Republicans are fighting immigration reform because it will result in more votes for Democrats.  Obama just elected the next Democratic President of the US.  Not many of the immigrants given reprieve to stay will be able to vote, if any.  However, every other Hispanic is going to shift toward the Democrats.

Texas is Republican now, but by 2020 the 42% Hispanic population will be voting for Democrats.

Republicans can yell and scream, the Senate and House for the next two years can pass legislation that Obama vetoes, the Republicans can try to mount a Presidential campaign for 2016, however they will lose.  And lose by a larger margin in 2020 and lose by a larger margin in 2024.  The Republicans have dug themselves a hole and they are going to pull the dirt in on top of themselves.