Thursday, May 27, 2010

Brain Power

Estimates vary on the percent of our brain our conscious mind uses.  Our subconscious mind probably uses around 80 percent of our brain.  Why do we assume people will make rational decisions when they aren’t using the majority of their brain for conscious thoughts?

People make intuitive and irrational decisions all the time.  Retailers know this and depend on impulse buying for sales.  People know in their gut and make decisions based on how they feel every day.  Our subconscious mind processes our experiences every night in dreams and we day dream every day about how our life could be different.

However our subconscious mind doesn’t communicate directly with our conscious mind.  We daydream, imagine, use our intuition and make decisions based on how we feel as ways of attempting to use our subconscious mind.  There are ways to tap into our subconscious mind to create rational results.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Conflict of Interest and Contracts

Soccer Player Tryouts

A situation with a young player at soccer tryouts became a conflict of interest.

A parent paid the $25 and registered their child expecting that the soccer player was going to tryout like anyone else.  That's a contract with offer and acceptance.  Someone interfered with the contract and told the coach evaluating players at the tryout to not consider the child. No matter what prior conversations there were between coaches and parents, no one has the right (legal or otherwise) to cancel the contract with the coaching staff doing the evaluations.

Call the coach and ask for an evaluation based on the fact that the registration fee was paid and the player was properly registered.  If the coach mentions the interference, tell the coach that you expect them to evaluate your child just like any other soccer player.

When a coach of a soccer player tells another coach not to consider that player for their team, they have a conflict of interest.  When a parent contracts for an evaluation of their child, they have a right to get feedback from the coach and the right to have their child considered for the team without interference from anyone else.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Anxiety, how to deal with

The way to help yourself is to practice proper breathing and use the mantra "I can leave my body out of it."
• By practice, I mean the Buddhist type of practice where you do it everyday for the rest of your life.
• By proper, I mean breathing by pushing your stomach out to move the diaphragm muscle instead of attempting to expand the rib cage.
• By breathing, I mean inhaling through the nose, exhaling through the mouth while making an "O" sound and then closing the mouth and exhaling the remaining air through the nose while making an "M" sound (sounds like humming).
When feeling something isn't right with the body, say aloud "I can leave my body out of it" over and over again until the bad feeling passes. The bad feelings get shorter and shorter over time, but never go completely away. Then over time, saying the phrase silently to your self is all that is needed.

This method works whenever there is any physical symptom that a doctor can't diagnosis the cause. There are over a hundred symptoms for anxiety that mimic real physical problems that the doctor can’t diagnosis because there is no evidence of a cause (virus, bacteria or organ failure). In your situation (where many things have gone wrong in the past) there is sometimes no evidence of a cause for your symptoms.

Like all humans, your mind and body are closely connected. The mind thinks something might be wrong (because in your case many things have gone wrong) the body reacts and sends signals to the mind that something is wrong, the mind stimulates the body, the body sends signals to the mind that something is wrong and it spirals out of control. This circular cycle is broken by using the mantra "I can leave my body out of it" and practicing proper breathing.