Friday, August 9, 2013

Open Letter to Bill McKibben

To: Bill McKibben,

Thank you for all you and Susan are doing.

My sister and I were on the I-5 bridge, but not in the picture.
I had not been to a demonstration since one after Kent State in 1970 when I was in college.

I have a few comments.

2020 +/- 2 years will be the turning point. A Pearl Harbor like event will catapult America into the climate change global war for survival.

Paraphrasing William Stafford the poet:  justice will take millions of intricate moves.

The largest environmental mobilisation for decades is underway in the UK & USA.  See Huffington Post UK article.

Fossil fuel companies refute the law of cause and effect and laugh at those who warn of the consequences of ignoring feedback loops.

Climate change deniers refute the law of cause and effect. But the feedback loops in nature do not play dice with the world.

There is no uncertainty in the feedback loops in the atmosphere and oceans.
There is no probability to measure in the feedback loops of natural systems of the world.

Climate change deniers, fossil fuel industry and their politicians are modern day isolationists.
They want to draw boundaries that are close, limited and constrained so they do not have to take responsibility for the CO2 molecules burned overseas that change our climate in America.
Modern day isolationists are being successful at delaying America's entry into the war to deal with the consequences of climate change.

Einstein famously is quoted as saying many times, "God does not play dice with the world."
Describing events as random or coincidence assumes that chance and probability have something to do with events in our lives.

We can not ignore cause and effect. Together cause and effect become a feedback loop.
Things do happen for a reason and the reason is called feedback loops.
All activity everywhere occurs within and is controlled by feedback loops.
There are passages in the Bible, Koran, and books of other religions about cause and effect.

When we ignore cause and effect, then we are not following the path that you are advocating.
When we do not understand the feedback loops in natural systems, then we do not understand how to be of service to others.
You understand how to be of service to others and that this is the highest value for any human being to attain.
Your service is part of a feedback loop that makes things happen for a reason, by not ignoring cause and effect.