Sunday, August 28, 2011

CNN Headlines

Celebs arrive at the 2011 MTV VMAs
Luxury, horror lurk in Gadhafi family compound
Witness: Gadhafi's troops killed nearly 150 prisoners

The media headlines place entertainment next to the horrors of war.  While Americans dance, sing, eat, drink and celebrate, the evil in the world reminds us of the suffering of others at their hands.  Peace is an idealistic fantasy.  War is always going on somewhere in the world.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

President Obama

Prove Obama is a bad President

Republicans have a tactical political skill of blaming others for the consequences of their own ideology driven policies implemented with the signature of President Bush after being passed by Republican controlled Congress for the ten years leading up to the Bush Recession (except for 2 years after 2006 when Democrats controlled the House). The Bush tax cuts and two foreign wars have caused the National Debt to balloon.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Army Supports Sustainability Using Net Zero Goal

From US Army website:

The Army has identified six pilot installations for an initiative to reach net zero by 2020. The Army is focusing on three categories: net zero energy, balancing energy used with renewable energy created; net zero water, limiting freshwater used and recharging water into the watershed from which it was extracted; and net zero waste, minimizing of waste through recycling. In addition to the six pilot installations, in 2014 the Army will encourage twenty-five installations per category to self-nominate for the net zero initiative.
A number of Army installations have already taken steps toward reaching net zero. At Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, Virginia, soldiers began replacing hay with wood pellets in stables, creating compost instead of material typically sent to landfills. U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii regularly collects rainwater in rain barrels, which is later used for lawn watering. Assistant Secretary of the Army Katherine Hammack notes that striving for net zero is imperative across the Army because “without appropriately stewarding energy, water, and waste, [the Army is] not able to function."

Fear Drives Republicans

From Huffington Post,
"The economic message illustrates Obama's current dilemma. Republicans control the House and believe that addressing the nation's long-term debt will have a positive effect on the economy; they have no appetite for major spending initiatives aimed at spurring a recovery."

Because short term stimulus would help Obama win re-election the Republicans are against it.
The federal government has sufficient cash flow to pay the interest on the debt at current levels and much higher levels. The Republicans are using fear to try to defeat Obama. Fear of a black man is the underlying emotion behind the Republican rhetoric.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tea Party vs Obama

The Tea Party baby boomers are about presentation and posture, while President Obama, a Generation X, is more about getting the work done. A boomer might be dressed nicely and at work during the designated hours, whether much work is accomplished or not. Gen X’ers, like President Obama, typically don’t care so much about the suit and tie and designated hours and care more about getting the task done. Obama cared about getting the debt ceiling raised and the Tea Party idealistic baby boomers were all about presentation, posturing and values.

For example, organizers of business conventions know these traits. Tea Party Boomers like motivational speakers. Obama GenX’ers want speakers who provide information that can’t be found in books or online. Tea Party Boomers like ideas. Obama GenX’ers like information. Tea Party Boomers are about values. Obama GenX’ers are about pragmatism.